Can you keep a secret? What is a Starlog?

Can you keep a secret? I am creating a science foundation to help civilization recover from a catastrophic event. I have devised a new term in field of catastrophic science and that is “Starlog”. A Starlog is a repository for manuals that will instruct the survivors of a cataclysmic event on how to rebuild civilization. My science foundation is inspired by the US Senate bill Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act of 2022. The hard copy manuals would reside inside an indestructible container soon to be designed, patented and engineered. I am now in the research stage on designing or finding a suitable container that can be modified into a Starlog. This is the first time I am creating a science foundation so the progress may be slow. The website will document my efforts as I go along. Those invited to get a glimpse of the process are welcome to comment. Most don’t know that I finished my masters in National Security and Public Safety back in 2009 but really did nothing with it. Now approaching early retirement I am realigning with my passions. Needless to say the website will be in “Stealth” mode for the next one to two years as I conduct my research here in the US and in Turkey, Iraq and Eqypt. This blog is still in draft mode so pardon the dust and partial edits.